What We Do

UAV Look provides aerial imagery for our clients ranging from marketing/advertising to surveying and data collection. In the drone service industry, the sky's the limit, literally!

We provide drone services primarily dealing in imagery and data collection. Aerial imagery can be useful for nearly any application you can think of.  But there are other uses too! We've even airlifted a piñata into a themed party! And we can fly indoors too! 

Real Estate

Over half of buyers find the property they'll purchase online. Aerial imagery captures the buyers attention faster more effectively than standard photography or video. Beyond being a marketing tool for your listings, it's a marketing tool for you. It gives you a competitive advantage over other realtors. 

When it comes to experience, piloting skills, knowledge, quality of work and professionalism, nobody can beat our value. Improve your listings and your reputation by hiring us! 

Marketing and Advertising

It's hard to beat an aerial shot when it comes to adding some Hollywood flair to your deliverable! Using drones is far faster and substantially less expensive than using booms or manned aircraft to get those overhead views.  

So why contract out to UAV Look instead of doing it in house? Because we're experts in drone aviation, regulations, safety and emergency procedures. The amount of money you'll spend training a person to get anywhere close to our level of expertise, not to mention continually buying the latest drones, cameras and accessories, will not outweigh the cost of hiring us, in either the short or long term! 


Why put yourself or others at risk trying to get to high or hard to reach places? We've got you covered! We can quickly and safely inspect cell/radio towers, wind turbines, power lines, roofs, gutters, building facades, solar panel installations, bridges, power lines, ice dams in the winter, you name it! Why take the time and risk of putting a person in a dangerous situation when we can show you exactly what you need to see safely from the ground? This is a quick, safe, and affordable way to meet many of your inspection challenges. 


Maybe you're an event planner. Maybe you just like to host parties. Whatever your reason is, there's no better vantage point on the happenings of an event or party than from above! And who better to capture your hard work than one of the most experienced drone service companies North of Boston? Using UAV Look show's you're forward thinking and that you've done your homework on an experienced, safe and responsible drone service company. Your clients and attendees will appreciate that! We'll provide you with amazing images to use to promote future events and add to your portfolio! 

Personal Photography & Video

Have a beautiful home? Maybe you're having a family reunion. A child's graduation? Aerial photos & video can be a great way to remember a personal event, achievement, or memory with an extra special twist! Don't just get an image of the immediate subject matter. Aerial images allow you to get a larger perspective on things. See your house & your neighborhood, your reunion & the venue, the graduation & the school in one shot! If a picture says a thousand words, an aerial picture says ten thousand! 

Search & Rescue

UAV Look is a member of an international volunteer search and rescue organization called S.W.A.R.M., which stands for Search With Aerial RC Multi-Rotor. We are ready and able to assist emergency responders. If you are part of a local, state, or even federal emergency response team, do not hesitate to contact us for help in assisting you! We are expert drone pilots, with our owner, founder, and chief drone operator also being an FAA licensed Private Pilot of single engine airplanes. We are standing by, and ready to help in areas nearby!   

Orthomosaic & 3D Mapping

Whether it's for environmental consulting/conservation, construction or data collection & analysis, orthomosaic & 3D maps as well as digital surface & terrain models can be very helpful. UAV Look uses the latest hardware and software to collect photos and data on areas large or small. These photos are then able to be turned into several possible map types which can be overlayed into GIS software, and the GPS, altitude, and distance information are able to be analyzed and turned into usable data for things such as volume calculations or distance measuring. All this is done with high resolution cameras and highly accurate GPS equipment, making the maps and data extremely accurate.